Emily in the Pulitzer Prize winning play, Disgraced at San Diego Rep.

Craig Noel Nomination for:    Best Regional Drama

The San Diego Union-Tribune, James Hebert
"Pearce conveys a deep sense of warmth and open-mindedness as Emily"
San Diego Story, Martin Jones Westlin
" Every acting student needs to watch Allison Spratt Pearce soar as Emily. Her physicality takes on a life of its own in each context, and it’s a joy to behold."
The Reader, Jeff Smith
"Credit to expert work: Allison Spratt Pearce’s Emily, whose idealism gets a gut check"
Times of San Diego, Pay Launer
"Allison Spratt Pearce, looking radiant, is most often seen locally in musicals. Here, she displays her formidable dramatic chops, in a natural and nicely nuanced characterization of misguided Emily."
Carol's reviews, Carol Davis
"Coming in as the supportive and loving, and yes naïve wife Allison Spratt Pearce is right on target with every emotion from authentic to unbelieving to crushed. Most often yours truly sees Ms. Pearce in musical theatre. While her voice is to die for, she shows her acting chops off as Emily with softness and believability."