"Growing up with a father in the military shaped my creative life from a very young age. I was lucky to live, study and travel all around the world. I learned different languages, arts, religions, and cultures. Being a student of the world also allowed me to be captivated with people. I absorbed their actions, reactions, speech, body language, movement, the way they acted. Combined with my imagination and intrigue, this lifestyle blossomed into an acting career.

Making it on Broadway became my inspiration. I was extremely passionate about singing, dancing and acting. I was able to successfully build a career in all three fields. After being cast in films, television, commercials and making it on Broadway, I yearned for more growth as an actress. Since majoring in Music Theatre in undergrad, I felt I had always had a lack of knowledge in the works of Shakespeare and the Classics. The idea of going into a class or audition for one of these terrified me. I wanted to study and embrace this fear, but didn’t know how. Combining my desire to teach at a collegiate level and wanting to  study the classics, I applied to Graduate School. After being accepted into The Old Globe, I knew this was my  chance. Facing this fear was creatively the best decision I’ve ever made. Becoming a more well rounded actress has absolutely carried through to my teaching. 

I’ve always thought that the best actors come from those who study different situations of life, the environment and relationships. Drawing not only from their own lives, but others. By understanding, empathizing and learning from others, we can apply it into a natural behavior on stage. By doing so we also become better listeners and reactors, actors. Working this way through acting can be extremely life changing in your every day life, confidence, work and relationships. I prefer to avoid pressure, expectations or results, and just enjoy the process. Coaching the arts in any capacity is truly a great love of mine!"



Below are a few of the programs in which Allison's students were accepted into the theatre and music theatre programs


University of Michigan

Carnegie Mellon University

Boston Conservatory 




Texas State




University of the Arts

Oklahoma City University

Indiana University

North Carolina School of The Arts







Northern Colorado






Barrett Weed:

"First off, I have to say the tango master class with Allison was one of the hardest and most amazing classes I’ve ever taken. I learned so much in such a short amount of time, it basically blew my mind. She had a really good way of building things on top of one another.  She reviewed things by phrase instead of just randomly breaking it up like most choreographers or teachers tend to do. She would teach from dramatic transition to dramatic transition, which made a ton of sense to me.  The whole master class experience for me was so inspiring. She is truly a really incredible performer and teacher.  She’s basically my idol now."

Lila Gavares:

"Allison has the ability to articulate a complex idea in a way that makes complete sense. She is extremely relatable and I felt completely comfortable talking, working, and taking risks with her. In our first session, she began by asking what exactly I wanted to work on and every session proceeding she tailored it to helping me find a way that worked specifically for me. Allison made each of my pieces come to life with her ability to probe and delve further into the truth of the moment and the character. I feel so much more confident with the pieces I’ve worked on with her because I know they are layered and grounded in reality. I had so much fun “working” with Allison."

Jessica N.G.:

"I really couldn't have done it without Allison and all of her support!  I still have a recording of the lesson where we were deciding on my schools, and I remember saying in it that I was too afraid to apply to UMich  because it was so hard to get into. I am SO GLAD AND 100% GRATEFUL that she told me to apply because it was one of the greatest decisions I have made! She has been a wonderful presence throughout this journey.  She was always supportive and bubbly and kind, and so professional and organized and I'm so grateful for that! I thank her for pushing me to try new things and confront my obstacles. I'm so excited to improve over the next four years."

Ian Lowe:

"Allison is a smart and intuitive coach and a warm, supportive presence in the room!  I found her equally helpful on classical and contemporary audition material."

Sara Brown:

"After ten months of having Allison as a coach, I can honestly say that she is the best coach anyone can have. I am so lucky to be her student, and I have learned an incredible amount in such a short period of time. Allison not only chose wonderful material, but was passionate about getting to know me on a personal level so that she could select pieces that were meaningful and brought out my strengths. During our coaching sessions, she made me feel so comfortable and at ease, which really helped me to open up, take risks, and be fearless when tackling material, new or old.  Allison also gave very specific, honest, and constructive critique during coaching sessions, which helped me to grow and learn as a performer and make different choices. She helped me overcome a lot of my fears surrounding college auditions, monologues, Shakespeare, being confident, and just being myself in the audition room. She is not only incredibly talented in her craft, but is also a genuine, kind, beautiful person. She helped me to discover something about myself in the process of training me to become a hard-working, quick-thinking, and smarter actor and performer. I thought I would be extremely nervous going into college auditions, but as the first round of auditions neared, I felt confident, strong, and prepared. After each audition was over, Allison helped me reflect on the audition and think about what I could improve for the next one. Training with Allison was the best part  about my college audition experience, and I don't know how I would have done it without her guidance. I am so grateful to be her student!"

Alan Prijatel:

"Allison's mastery in dramatic arts gears any striving performing artist with the necessary skills to foster development in many styles of acting. She watches, listens, and responds in ways that will make you, as an actor, exponentially more secure about what you could be performing before your peers, family, and audition panels. Arm yourself with conviction, because if you don't, Allison is prepared to extract the best out of you, and will rejuvenate you if you are one to express even the smallest trace of insecurity.  Acting is not an easy world, but she's willing to highlight your strengths and lives to see the day we all succeed."

Lori Kusatzsky:

"Below is just a SMALL portion of what Allison’s coaching meant to me.  She helped me both prepare for my auditions, and prepare me for what a career in theatre entails. The advice she gave me about finding material that best suited me was invaluable, and I know I will never forget. Allison's enthusiasm and passion for theatre rubbed off on me during our sessions, and helped me to feel confident throughout my whole process. I would not have been as successful as I was without her, and I cannot thank her enough!"

Alexa Russo:

"From the very first coaching I did with Allison, her skills, knowledge, and beautiful energy truly inspired me. From conquering a Shakespeare monologue to helping me bring my authentic self into the audition room, every lesson with Allison left me feeling more confident about myself as an artist. Allison gave me the training, support, tools, and love that I needed to get in to my dream school. Love Her!"

Linda Permenter:

"I went from a class setting to a private setting with Allison. I trust Allison to pick great audition material for me. And I've never seen somebody break down a piece and find intelligent subtext like she can! She's also given me tools to continue exploring at home on my own. I always walk away from our sessions more confident and very prepared."

Kailey Mixer:

"I loved working with Allison. Her guidance on selecting and performing audition materials was invaluable. Throughout the entire coaching process, Allison was supportive, knowledgeable and a fantastic cheerleader."

Chloe Schnieder:

"Allison is one of the sweetest, most caring, most talented, and most giving person I know. Not only did she help me so much to grow as an artist but she did so with a smile and with so much love. I personally loved every minute of our coaching sessions and felt challenged and accepted at all times which enabled me to feel comfortable. I hope to be as wonderful an actress and person as her."

John Yi:

"Allison’s Master Class made me realize how much training I need in order to be marketable in this business. Im now more motivated than ever to improve my knowledge and execution of technique, style, and performance as a character. Allison ensured that every question was answered only moving on when the entire class was comfortable to move on. Watching Allison is encouraging because, not only is she a graduate of Elon, but she was so fierce and passionate in her pedagogy, and witnessing her intrinsic motivation to teach the entire class was extremely uplifting."

Alex Pepper:

"It was an amazing and rare opportunity to get to work with a current Broadway professional. Learning what current performers are doing is one of the best ways to prepare our selves for the real world. I feel that this experience will make me much more confident in the professional field. I noticed her strong desire to preserve her voice during the day for shows she'll have at night. How she had an upbeat and captivating attitude that would make you watch her. She has the "X" factor that I'm slowly learning how to present and use to my advantage in future undertakings."

Annie Duckett:

"The mere presence of Allison was striking.  There was something magical about the way she carried and presented herself, completely beaming “Broadway.”  I had a fantastic time participating in her master class and really feel like I learned a lot and grew as a performer. Allison was incredibly inspiring.  Her presence was just a reminder that hard work and persistence can really get you places and you really can do what you dream of doing.  The class also taught me that I can learn something from each and every audition I attend.  I should never pass up any opportunities I have and savor all of the training I have here in school.  Her positive energy and presence was so wonderful to be around and I will always remember her and the impact she and her class had on me."

Chelsea LeValley:

"I felt Allison’s master class was extremely interesting and provided us a vitally important experience of learning. She was so fearless and fierce, arresting my attention with her every move. She was intimidating because underneath the sweet smile is one of the most passionately driven, emotionally halting personalities I’ve ever met. She is brilliant. I know on stage that fierce commitment to her character, the style of the piece and the sharpness of her technique are what make her undeniably watchable. Her words of encouragement told me I could get where I wanted to be. What I learned ant noticed the most from her was how committed every ounce of her body was to whatever action she making." 

Jamie Lowe:

"Allison gave us so much positive feedback and it felt great.  Even if we weren’t really doing as well as she expected, her upbeat personality made us want to learn.  If we think we’re doing well, we will keep up the work and try harder. I took away several important things from this master class. But most important of all, I can say I got to work with an amazing and beautiful person that is so talented that it makes me sick.  I am so lucky!"

Jared Loftin:

"The thing that stood out to me the most of all her helpful tips was about the character detail.  She explained that little details that make your character different from other people in your auditions will get you noticed more quickly and will make you more interesting to watch."

Kelsey Pruitt:

"She was a very thorough, helpful teacher, which helped a lot I think.  I loved her style of teaching."

Korey B.:

"Allison’s class really touched me because of her humble and appreciative nature. She has been very successful in her career, but she still remembers how she got there. She graduated a couple years ago and yet she’s returned to share some of her wisdom. That is really remembering your roots. I enjoyed these classes immensely and frankly, never wanted her to leave Elon."

Maddie Frank:

"The experience that I personally received from Allison’s master class in Dance for the Musical Stage is invaluable. Allison created an atmosphere that was relaxed, and made the class feel like they were welcome to ask questions, and dance the seemingly difficult combination to the fullest of their ability without risking looking foolish."

Richard McNulty:

"Allison was an incredibly talented teacher. Even when we took forever on something, she didn’t lose her patience, and she was very professional. She took time with every individual person and didn’t leave anyone behind. She was by no means slow, she was simply considering everyone. She was great at keeping everyone organized, despite the over crowdedness. As far as her character goes, it was like she was apart of our class. She was such a joy to be around. She worked us hard, but could still joke around and relate to us as if she were still in college. She was so comfortable throughout the classes and it made me feel more comfortable too. She really made me feel confident just by being so lighthearted and encouraging."